DAVA Foods Sweden

Founded in 1982

DAVA Foods Swedens’ history goes back to 1982, when founder Håkan Andersson established the company "Svenska Lantägg" at Hassle Säby farm outside Mariestad in Västergötland.

The farm’s egg production was soon extended with an egg packing plant. The first delivery of egg products was shipped from the newly built production plant in Skara in 1987, and today Skara is home to both production and packing.

We use the latest technology for hygienic handling of eggs. DAVA Foods Sweden has been a pioneer within the field of washed eggs (”tvättade ägg”) and now has years of experience and quite unique knowledge about the optimum hygienic handling of eggs: surface bacteria are removed while the egg’s protective membrane is preserved. The company’s packing station is one of the largest in the world and has a daily capacity of well over a million eggs – sorted, washed and packed.

Quality all the way

Commercial egg production is subject to strict demands and regulations on animal welfare, hygiene, and food safety. The entire production process is carefully monitored and controlled right from the raw materials used, the breeding of chickens, and the standards of hygiene found in the production facilities themselves to issues of quality and hygiene at the packing and production plants.

Food safety, quality, and traceability are the cornerstones of our enterprise. Our quality assurance program is based on the HACCP principles, which identify potential risks. We have then proceeded to built up management systems and preventive safeguards to ensure that the risk factors are handled and pose no threat to end users. If a risk factor cannot be avoided, we take control of it. A range of tests – both microbiological and functional – ensure the quality of the eggs and egg products.

The tests are carried out at DAVA Foods Sweden's laboratory in Skara, which works in accordance with ISO 17025:2005.

Egg washing ensures excellent hygiene

Today we have many years of experience and a unique insight into the correct egg handling and hygiene treatment. Our washing method removes more than 99 % of all the microorganisms that may appear on eggshells. Such contamination is not visible to the human eye under regular lighting, but clearly visible under UV light. Today, DAVA Foods Sweden washes more than 1.5 million eggs a day.

DAVA Foods Sweden's activities are certified in accordance with the BRC Global Standard for food safety, ISO 14001, and KRAV.

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