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About DAVA Foods Norway 

DAVA Foods Norway AS was founded in 1987 by Geir Rauan who established the company “EggProdukter AS”. The facility is modern and flexible and is located in Larvik, Vestfold with 13 employees.

DAVA Foods Norway AS processes and sells pasteurised egg products to the Norwegian market and has a market share of 20 % in this segment.

Food safety and traceability

At DAVA Foods Norway AS, food safety, quality, and traceability are key factors. The liquid egg products have high quality. The eggs are cracked, separated and heat-treated/pasteurised, to prevent the growth of undesirable bacteria. The laboratory controls bacteria in each series of eggs produced and approves the products before they are sent out. In addition, salmonella is extremely controlled. 

Our quality assurance program is based on HACCP principles and IK-food and we have a strong focus on hygiene in production in order to produce egg products with the desired quality. We can trace all of our eggs back to the packing plant from which we can further trace the eggs to the egg producers.

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DAVA Foods Norway AS
Postboks 2088
NO-3255 Larvik

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Rune Hennum
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