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Buns never looked better - nor did any other baked goods. 

Egg glaze spray is a convenience product that makes baking easier and faster. The egg glaze spray provides you or your customers with a premixed egg mass, ready to be sprayed directly onto the baked goods.

Egg glaze spray makes it easy to make baked goods look appetising, without having to whip an egg yourself and carefully brush it on every piece. With egg glaze spray, simply hold the spray over the buns or bread and spray the egg mass over them and bake.

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9700800 - DAVA Gravy 600 g

DAVA Gravy 600 g​

Item no. 9700800


9700910 - DAVA Foods Egg Glaze 175 ml

DAVA Foods Egg Glaze 175 ml 
6 x 175 ml bottles

Item no. 9700910


9700915 - DAVA Egg Glaze 338 ml

DAVA Egg Glaze Spray 338 ml 
6 x 400 ml

Item no. 9700915