Eggs from enriched cages

Enriched cage eggs from DAVA Foods comes hens that lives in enriched cages with a maximum of 10 hens per cage. One hen has a mininum of 750 cm2 floor space and all hens have access to nests and perches, and also access to dust bathing. Beak trimming is prohibited.
DAVA Foods offers enriched cage eggs in different quantities - from 6 eggs to 30 eggs available in sizes M to XL. 
If you want to know more about our cage eggs and/or have questions about them, you are welcome to contact your local sales office
Shell eggs - lyrical picture - 2/2
103560 - DAVA Cage Eggs 30 M (loose)

DAVA Cage Eggs 30 M, bulk

Item no. 103560

DAVA Cage Eggs 6 L/XL​

Item no. 109022

109051 - DAVA Cage Eggs 15 M/L

DAVA Cage Eggs 15 M/L​

Item no. 109051

109052 - DAVA Cage Eggs 15 M/L, export

DAVA Cage Eggs 15 M/L​, export

Item no. 109052

DAVA Cage Eggs 6 L, export

Item no. 109069

109077 - DAVA Cage Eggs 30 M (plastic)

DAVA Cage Eggs 30 M/L

Item no. 109072

109420 - DAVA Cage Eggs 30 L (loose)

DAVA Cage Eggs 30 L, bulk

Item no. 109420

109421 - DAVA Cage Eggs 30 L (loose - GL)

DAVA Cage Eggs 30 L, bulk, export

Item no. 109421