Farm to Table

Customers must never doubt the quality and safety of our products. Therefore, we work with a 'Farm to Table' concept to ensure a high quality throughout the entire value chain in close dialogue and constructive cooperation with our collaborative partners. 

Value chain
Our value chain consists of: hatchery, rearing facility, egg production, the feed, which the pullet and the hen eats throughout life, and logistics. We work with quality throughout the entire chain. 

DAVA Foods has built and implemented a HACCP based quality control system for rearing and egg production. The quality system ensures the production of egg in regard to: quality, food safety, conditions of production and welfare. The system is developed in cooperation with the egg producers and is continuously evaluated and improved. 
Animal Welfare
The welfare in the hen flock is important to our concept. If the welfare does not satisfy our or our customers' expectations, we act. Plans of actions are made and the producer gets a follow-up. Furthermore, we have a special welfare screening in the organic egg production by our own auditor.